2-Butanone Oxime
Hydroxylamine sulfate
Copolymer of vinyl chloride and vinyl isobutyl eth
Hydroxylamine Hydrochloride

High Viscosity Resins MP60
Product Name: Copolymers based on vinyl chloride and vinyl isobutyl ether---MP60




Viscosity(Rotating viscometer method)



Chlorine Content


Apparent Density



Volatile Content






Application: MP60 can be used in steel structure coating,light metal coating,deck paints,marine paints,container paints,engineering paints for mechanical and automobile ,flame retardant paints for building.
Good anti-corrosion ability
MP series chlorinated resins have good binding property as a result of their special molecular structure in which ester bond is resistance to hydrolysis and combined chlorine atom is very stable. So they can be used to produce hign quality paints with good water resistance, salt resisitance ane chemical resistance.
Good stability
No reactive double bond, MP series chlorinated resins’ molecular aren’t easily acidized and degraded. The molecular are also with excellent light stability and don’t easily turn yellow or atomise. The existence of each bond gives the moleculars good internal plasticization. So the resins are flexible enough and do not require additional plasticizer. They also will not gradually cracking that caused by migration of plasticizer.
Good adhesion
MP series chlorinated resins contain copolymer of vinyl chloride ester, which ensure the paints good adhesion on various materials. Even on the surface of aluminum or zinc, the paints still have good adhesion.
Good compatibility
MP series chlorinated resins are easily compatible with other resins in paints, and can modify and improve the characteristics of paints, which for mulated by drying oils, tars and bitumen.
MP series chlorinated resins are soluble in aromatic and halarydrocarbon, esters, ketones, giycal, ester acetates and some glycol ethers. Aliphatic hydrocarbons and alcohois are diluents and not true solvents for MP series chlorinated resins. Only MP25 and MP35 in 1.1.1-trichioroethene.
MP series chlorinated resines are compatible with vinyl chloride copolymers, polyecrylates, unsaturated polyester resins, mateic alkyd resins, cyclohexanone resins, aldehyde resins, coumarone resins, hydrocarbon resins, urea resins, alkyd resins modified by oil and fatty acids, natural resins, drying oil, plasticziers, tars, and bitumen.
Fireproof Ability
MP serial chlorinated resins contain chlorine atom, which gives the resins fireproof ability. With addition of other flame resisitant pigment, filler and fire retardant, they can be used in fire retardant paint for construction and other felds.
The normal precautions relating to handing chemicals and local regulations on industrial hygiene must be observed. The place of work must be well ventilated, skin care measures should be adopted, and safety goggles should be worn.
Package and storage:
1.       Packed in the kraft bag with PE liner. 20kgs/bag.
2.       Avoid being crushed while storing and transferring. Stored away from heat and moisture.

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